Napa’s Best Wine Tasting Rooms

With the holidays just about over for the year, many around the country are looking for ways to relax their way in to 2018.  We can think or no finer thing than a romantic getaway to Napa Valley. Maybe you’re looking to elevate your wine expertise, or just take your enjoyment of wine to a […]

Enjoy the Holidays in Napa Valley

Now that November is here, it’s time we turn our attention towards the upcoming holiday season. The holidays are special in Napa Valley, and certainly something worth experiencing. Whether you plan to visit family in the area, or just want to carve out a little time for a romantic getaway this winter, now is the […]

Napa is Open and Ready for Business After Wildfires

If you’ve been listening to the news coming out of Northern California’s wine country, you’d be rightfully concerned about visiting us in Napa Valley right now.  There are currently several wildfires burning in the area, and they have had a devastating impact on homes and businesses in the region. As a region that heavily relies […]

Explore Napa’s Culinary Institute of America

It’s easy to eat and drink well when you come to Napa.  The restaurant scene here has undergone a dramatic transformation from what it once was.  Napa is now unquestionably a foodie destination.  However, great culinary experiences don’t stop at local restaurants.  If you’re looking to spice up your visit to Napa this time, we […]

The Best Wine Tours in Napa Valley

Now that Labor Day Weekend has passed, we can officially, though reluctantly, say goodbye to summer, and welcome the fast-approaching fall. The annual fall grape harvest is well underway across the valley, and winemakers are in full celebration mode.  This is, after all, the season where the fruits of their labor come to fruition, and […]

Keep An Eye Out for 2017 Fall Harvest Events in Napa Valley

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to start looking forward to the fall harvest season in Napa Valley.  It’s one of our favorites, as it’s when the rewards from all of the hard work of this year’s wine season come into full focus.  Fall Harvest season in Napa Valley, which typically runs from […]

Discover Downtown Napa’s Hidden Treasures

It’s no secret that Napa Valley gets crowded during the summer months. Sometimes the roads are congested, and the regions most popular tasting rooms are over-flowing with people in town sampling wine from the region’s top producers. There’s an easier way to enjoy your time in Napa, and you don’t have to travel far to […]

Summer Concerts Liven up Napa

Napa is an extremely popular vacation destination during the hot summer months, as is often evidenced by the busy traffic and crowded wineries and tasting rooms up and down the valley.  There are a few secrets to enjoying Napa during the summer months, though.  Critical to your enjoyment, of course, are a few glasses of […]