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Napa wines have been an international source of inspiration since the famous 1976 Paris Tasting, when
they beat their French competitors in a blind-tasting whose results turned the world of wine on its head.
It hasn’t always been that way. Pre and post- prohibition Napa was more about ranching, cattle, fruit and nut trees than wine.

The 80′s came along and Robert Mondavi’s qualitative approach to winemaking and across-the-board
embracing of technology set the tone for several decades, reinforcing Napa’s place in a consortium of
wine-producing regions all vying for the growing global market.

The connection between wine and the table in Napa has never been as focused as it is now, with prime
vineyard land sharing the spotlight with small, sustainably-farmed gardens whose produce is jettisoned
directly from ground to local tables and accompanied by their pedigreed vinous counterparts.

Candlelight Inn has always understood the relationship between the Napa Valley and its wine. We’re
locally owned and over the years have developed long-standing relationships with the wineries of Napa
and Sonoma. Year after year we connect guests with their ideal Napa Wine experience, whether it’s
glamorous or down-to-earth, extravagant or cost-efficient.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than knowing we’ve assisted guests in accomplishing their ideal
Napa adventure, whatever that may be, it’s our pleasure to help.

Raymond Vineyards was founded in 1970 in the Rutherford area of Napa, and they currently have 300
acres in Rutherford, St. Helena and James Canyon that they farm Biodynamically – a process that goes
beyond Organic via a series of preparations and the compost pile. This ultra-green approach meshes
well with their whimsical side, particularly their Theatre of Nature, two acres of educational exhibit that
show how all its “actors” play a crucial part in crafting quality wine, from the soil to the vineyardist to
larger forces such as the lunar cycle.

Raymond Vineyards Website

Raymond is part of the Boisset Family Estates, and is run by its President, Jean-Charles Boisset, the key
visionary in realizing their ultra-green status. Raymond bridges the best of old-school and nouveau Napa
by immaculately caring for their land and providing a fun and exciting tasting experience that engages all
the senses.
Check out this extremely imaginative video from them:

Howell Mountain is the highest point in the Napa Valley, and accordingly it’s wines are the pinnacle of
the Napa experience. Owners Denise and Stephen Adams purchased ADAMVS in 2008 and promptly
surrounded themselves with the greatest minds in the business, bringing in top viticulturist Michael Wolf
and world-renowned consultant Philippe Melka to put their indelible stamp on the property.
They recently completed a rigorous three-year program to achieve Biodynamic certification, a move
that coincides with their long-term vision of sustainability in the Napa Valley, perfectly positioning them
to be among the Valley’s producer’s for years to come.
Adamvs Wines Website




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27 July 2014

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Napa Smith – Organic IPA ~ – Bringing Good Beers & Good People Together…

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- Here’s the packaging for Napa Smith Brewery Organic IPA.  This Certified Organic beer will be package din 12oz bottles and come in at 7% ABV. .

Heritage Fire | COCHON555 US TOUR

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- Charles Krug Winery, St. Helena Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 “Heritage Fire is my favorite expression of the Cochon US Tour,” says Founder Brady Lowe. Heritage Fire by Cochon 555, the Valley’s premier …



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