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Candlelight Inn Napa Valley

Candlelight Inn a Classic Bed and Breakfast

Located in the Napa Valley, and perfectly situated on the border of Sonoma and Napa at the gateway to the Los Carneros wine region.  There are a variety of Napa Valley B&B’s to choose from, but here at the Candlelight we take pride in the fact our guests have chosen to stay at what we consider the best  place in Napa.  To that end, we consistently go that extra mile to make their stay more memorable.

Our historic bed and breakfast rests on a tributary of the Napa River and boasts our own small redwood grove to lounge under, as well as our own swimming pool, in-room Jacuzzi and outdoor patio. Our charming rooms all have their own distinct feel, but all have that special bed and breakfast charm that makes you feel right at home.

As a Bed and Breakfast Napa Inn, we take our breakfast serious, knowing how important it is to start the day off on the right foot, so we hand-make our delicious breakfast right here in our own kitchen. You are served a three-course Napa breakfast in the relaxed atmosphere of our light-filled breakfast room.

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The connection between wine and the table in Napa has never been as focused as it is now, with prime vineyard land sharing the spotlight with small, sustainably-farmed gardens whose produce is jettisoned directly from ground to local tables and accompanied by their pedigreed vinous counterparts.

Candlelight Inn Napa has always understood the relationship between the Napa Valley and its wine.  We’re locally owned and over the years have developed long-standing relationships with  wineries of Napa and Sonoma.

Year after year we connect guests with their ideal Napa Wine experience, whether it’s glamorous or down-to-earth, extravagant or cost-efficient.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than knowing we’ve assisted guests in accomplishing their ideal Napa adventure, whatever that may be, it’s our pleasure to help.

There’s never been more to do in Napa than now, as the number of excellent restaurants, wineries and breweries continue to multiply, all in the timeless setting of the Napa Valley.

Come share springtime with loved ones and witness the splendor of this place together.


Joseph Mora C.W.P.