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Candlelight Inn

 Here in the Napa Valley the changing seasons are reflected in the vines, with spring and the first traces of green via bud break signaling new beginnings and the opportunity for renewal.

Over the years Candlelight Inn Napa has become a wine country favorite for our enduring hospitality, with this being our eighty-fifth spring in the Valley.

Perfectly situated on the border of Sonoma and Napa at the gateway to the Los Carneros AVA,  we rest under the shade of our own Redwood grove on a tributary of the Napa River.

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As a B&B, we take pride in the fact our guests have chosen to spend their time here with us, always looking to go the extra mile to make the stay more memorable. As locals, we’re invested in positive growth in our community and make it a point to be well-versed in the dining, tasting, shopping and lifestyle options at hand.

There’s never been more to do here than now, as the number of excellent restaurants, wineries, and breweries continue to multiply, all in the timeless setting of the Napa Valley.  Come share the birth of spring with loved ones and witness together the splendor of this place.


Joseph Mora C.W.P.